Patio Roof and Glass Room on Sarah Beenys TV channel 4 programme

Our very own glass room and patio terrace roof systems were featured on Sarah Beenys ‘Double you House for Half the Money’ ┬áTV programme this week.

Some months ago the Channel 4 film crew and the lovely Sarah Beeny came to our Northamptonshire showroom to film some footage for the new programme called ‘Double your home for half the money’. A new TV programme primarily showing how to create dream home features on a budget with some careful design and planning and also create features for practical and eco friendly reasons. Insulation at higher levels, eco friendly lighting and heating systems and so on. How to make your home desirable and hopefully more valuable when selling on by some careful thought.
The point was raised that when planing permission may be limited for certain types of extensions then there are alternatives to gaining more space quickly and easily without permission necessarily required and probably at a far lower cost too.

The Samson range of fixed terrace covers offer extra useable semi indoor/semi outdoor space with the use of aluminium frame work and with either polycarbonate of glass roof sections combined with a multitude of systems to enclose the front and side if required. Systems in many cases which can be added later if the budget is tight or you simply want to see how the roof covered space works initially with various weather conditions.
All these fixed roof systems technically do not need planning permission as they do not require footings and in the main are bolted to the house and the floor so are considered temporary structures.
We also offer fully enclosed glass rooms for all year round use offering far higher practical day to day use with single glazed sections, external or internal blinds and very clever, highly engineered sliding or folding door systems.

The Weinor Glasoase is one of the flagship products with the Piazza and the Homestyle roof systems also available. All these systems are made to order in a wide range of styles and coloured finishes.

Take a look at our patio cover systems for your garden or patio, Sarah Beeny was impressed and we think you will be too.