Samson Piazza Patio Roof System

The Terrace Cover Piazza is an excellent garden feature which provides ideal shading shelter for all domestic premises. It can be installed in a range of different areas such as:

  • doorway porches
  • walkway covers
  • a typical patio veranda
  • a standalone free-standing structure.

Installation of a Samson Piazza can transform your patio from an ordinary dull area into a vibrant all weather outdoor space suitable for entertaining the family and having BBQ’s. It ensures your patio furniture stays dry and is not ruined by the weather.

The Piazza can be used during all seasons to protect your patio from sun, rain and even snow. Add side screens and front zip blinds or even sliding glass doors and you can enclose the area even further.

A Piazza Patio terrace cover can provide your life with a natural sense of luxury and style through its pristine design, a variety of roof tints and a wide selection of framework colour choices.

The curved design of the front profile and support legs give a seamless and stylish appearance from the front and make an attractive addition to any home.

Tested to provide secure and all year round protection against the elements the Piazza has even been tested to be capable of being covered in snow. Something we are more used to these days! You do not ever need to be concerned about the Piazza in any weather, like you would a normal awning cover.

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The framework is also guaranteed for 5 years in any of the tough paint finishes offered.

Samson Awnings offer 3 standard polycarbonate roof tints which have proven very popular with all of our customers.

Transparent polycarbonate, bronze tinted polycarbonate or opaque polycarbonate (appearance similar to frosted glass).

The Piazza Terrace cover provides extra usable covered outdoor areas and can be supplied and installed within a matter of weeks.

No planning permission is usually required for a Piazza as they are classed as a ‘temporary structure’ in building terms, being only bolted to the house wall and fixed to the floor in principal.

Planning permission is more likely required on commercial applications although varies from one area to another.

Although installation is preferred, and a lot easier on a 2 plus storey building we can always provide suitable steel or aluminium bracketry to enable the installation to a single storey building too.

With bungalows the installation of any kind of self supporting awning or product requiring a wall fixing nearly always requires the use of spreader plates and brackets to prevent the stress of the fixing points from being all near the top of the wall and spread this load down to the lower, stronger sections of the wall.

The Piazza can be fitted at a very shallow angle of pitch when required and still deal with rain water dispersal.

It is ideal for single storey bungalows as well as normal 2 or more storey buildings.

The Piazza is also widely used as a very sturdy and stylish car port and is the perfectly reliable solution for any conscientious car owner as well as providing extra covered space at the side of your home. Fully waterproof, the Car Port Piazza driveway cover serves you with effective protection to shelter your car from the scorching sun or the beating rain Рboth formidably unpredictable weather conditions in Britain.

Technical Details

The Piazza is constructed using a strong extruded aluminium profile section and the canopy cover is provided through the use of lightweight but durable triple polycarbonate sections. A rainwater guttering is built into the front profile section with drainage possible through any or all of the support legs with rainwater exit available at any point from top to bottom.

The maximum width for a Piazza in one section is 7 metres with a projection of 3.5 metres.

The frame colours are as standard supplied in;

RAL 9010 White RAL 8014 Brown RAL 6009 Green RAL 7016 Satin Grey

Although it is possible to have almost any RAL or BS colour at a small extra cost.

There are 2 support legs as standard up to 5000mm wide and above this width 3 support legs are required.

View our other Fixed terrace cover options with links to the right. The Piazza and Terrazza a great deal of design and material involved and have components of considerable robustness and size. They also have built in rainwater guttering in the front profile section.