Gibus Terrace Covers

Gibus specialise in freestanding and leaning retractable terrace covers. Manufactured in Italy, Gibus have been committed to creating, marketing and using products that are made for people, because, first of all, the Gibus staff use the products and know how they would like them to be; safe, guaranteed, beautiful, functional and avant-garde. This makes Gibus terrace covers the obvious choice.

Gibus Med Twist – The Bioclimatic Pergola

Twist louvre roof system for outdoor all year round weather protection
  • Motorised aluminium blades rotate to provide ventilation or a sealed cover.
  • Regulate climate underneath cover using patented solutions.
  • Available as a freestanding pergola or a leaning wall mounted version.
  • Painted aluminium structure and blades available in seven standard RAL colours, with other RAL colours available
  • Range of Blinds, Glass panels or sliding glass doors can be fitted.

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Med Room- Create an outdoor room for all year use.

gibus med room for outdoor lifestyle
  • Available as an island or leaning.
  • Aluminium structure with PVC fabric awning. Suitable for all year round use. Available as blackout FLY Cloth or Anti UV Ray Plana Cloth
  • Gibus patented system allows lateral water drainage into the guttering through the posts to the ground.
  • Available as multi model for an elegant solution for large areas.
  • Can be fully sealed with windbreak windows.

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Med Isola Fly

Gibus Isola Fly retractable fabric canopy and pergola framework
  • Anti-UV blackout awning, inserted in a painted aluminium and stainless steel structure.
  • Can be freestanding or leaning on an existing structure.
  • Side leaning and Front leaning Awnings options available, ideal protection for any space that needs covering.
  • Five structure colours and six awnings colours to choose from.

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retractable roof with LED lights built in
  • 11 different model types to choose from – perfect for every space.
  • Mediterranea range adds new possibilites to your home for enjoying the outdoors.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.
  • Choose from aluminium or wooden frame depending on your preference and style.
  • Guttering options available on the whole Med range.
  • Wide range of awning options

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Med Varia

  • Motorised aluminium blades rotate up to 135° to provide ventilation or a sealed cover.
  • Available as a freestanding pergola or a leaning wall mounted version.
  • Designed to be fitted with with blinds and glass panels or doors for a truly unique solution
  • Patented side seals guarantee side insulation of the cover
  • Zip awnings perfectly integrated into the structure

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The functionality and flexibility of the Gibus terrace covers range provides various options of small, medium or large outdoor covered areas for domestic or commercial use. The high quality aluminium profile sections provide the basis for a structure which can be built to suit your needs with an all weather retractable roof in various forms, retractable blinds or sliding glass doors to the sides, LED lights under the roof, or on the framework, halogen heaters for keeping off the chill, and so on. Create your perfect outdoor oasis for all year round entertainment and living, whatever the weather.

All systems are made to order and normally delivered within 5- weeks of order approval.
Samson Awnings will survey, provide options and drawings for any planning and install all the Gibus systems almost anywhere in the UK.

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