Gibus Med Twist | The modular bioclimatic pergola

Modular | Bioclimatic | Louvered | Unique

Modular bioclimatic pergola in powder coated extruded aluminium, available in self-bearing or leaning version. When closed, the blades protect from rain and sun and, when open, create a pleasant natural ventilation within range. Thanks to their minimal design they perfectly fit into any architectural environment, enhancing it.

The Gibus Med Twist is a completely new and innovative design that interacts with nature to obtain maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption. It is an ideal solution for outdoor living that provides a unique and natural feeling underneath with complete control at your fingertips. Louvred aluminium roof sections activated and operated by electric motors provide adjustable shading and rain protection at the push of a button.

The bioclimatic Gibus Med Twist is able to regulate the environment under the protective cover by creating natural ventilation through it’s louvred roof system. The aluminium blades have motorised movement and can rotate from the horizontal closed position which guarantees excellent protection in case of rain to an open position according to the angle that varies from 0-135 degrees.

This new terrace cover system acts harmoniously on the aluminium supporting frame structure thanks to two innovative patents; Twist motion and Side Seal. The metallic tilting blades that make up the cover are fixed laterally by means of stainless steel pivots. They have a patented rotation movement (Twist Motion) and can open and close with ease depending on the weather. The movement, driven by an invisible linear motor, allows the blades to rotate freely to regulate the environment below the cover and provide effect cover from sun and rain.

The side seal closing system, also patented by Gibus, means that closing the blades completely provides perfect protection from rain and excellent drainage of water, which flows directly down the integral drainpipes.

This patent describes the sealing system of the blades resting on a seal along the internal border that guarantees perfect insulation from the external environment. In addition, each blade, along its entire length, has a seal that the adjacent blade rests on when closing, guaranteeing water and air cannot get into the structure.

The Twist system is available for fixing directly to your house structure or standalone system (The Med Twist Island) to create an outdoor room in almost any size and with several options to make the structure as unique as your home and garden.

Options Available:

Drop Awnings – These provide excellent protection against wind and rain and can help to create a more private atmosphere. Available in blackout, shading, Cristal and screen solutions and can all be motorised.

Glass Walls – The sliding and folding glass walls are an innovative and elegant system, with huge scenic impact, as well as high safety standards and reliability. Thanks to their easy installation and use benefits, the glass walls easily adapt to any architectural context, either private or commercial.

Lighting – Twist extends your free time in the open air beyond sunset thanks for the Gibus lighting systems. There are wide rand of choices, from blade spotlights to led spotlights intergrated in the gutter and even RGB LED light strips.

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How can I order? Our approach

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How can I order? Our approach

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