Gibus Med System

The Gibus Med Systems are a range of strong, robust, solid terrace covers with a super strong retractable roof system which offers highly effective levels of sun shading.

It is perfect for all year round weather protection from our very changeable UK climate. The super strong retractable fabric roof system can withstand sun, rain, high wind speeds and even snow, all at the push of a button!


The Med System is the ultimate terrace cover when it comes to strength and style.

The technically-advanced robust fabric cover neatly unfolds and is guided down side channels to produce a covered area that constantly provides a feeling of warmth even on the coolest of days, acting almost like a normal plastered white ceiling

With its impressive frame system to it’s impervious and taut cover material, the various Med Systems demonstrate what it takes to be a truly efficient retractable terrace cover. With or without a front mounted rainwater gutter this system will ensure the rain does not spoil your outdoor activities.

Available as a solid composite timber construction or in high quality aluminium with a powder coated finish, rustic or contemporary finishes can be achieved to blend into the surroundings. A whole range of standard finished colours are available to choose.

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The Med System reaches up to an astonishing maximum size of 11.8 m wide with a 7 m projection

Ideal when creating that natural al fresco space in Pubs & Restaurants, the Gibus Med System’s astonishing maximum dimensions of 11.8 m wide by a 7 m projection allows you to fit more customers under your luxurious sun shade and create a truly relaxing atmosphere. No need to ever worry about summer showers or thunderstorms again!

Samson Awnings & Terrace Covers also recommend the Med System for installation in Schools & Nurseries. The UV light from the sun poses a constant threat to the skin of young children when out playing at school through both the threat of dehydration and sunburn. This can be avoided if they are given an adequate area to retreat into the shade, and the Med System offers this in abundance. Highly child-friendly with no sharp edges and nothing breakable within reach, the Med System terrace cover seems to be the popular choice to any commercial school or nursery when deciding what product would best meet their needs long term.

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