Gibus Med Room | Modular folding pergola with flat roof

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The Med Room is a multi purpose outdoor terrace cover or outdoor room depending on how it is specified, but will offer mostly all year round weather protection in rain, wind or sunshine.

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The principle is simple, you have several options of either a sloping or a flat retractable roof systems and they can either be mounted against an existing wall structure or free standing units installed onto a suitable base.

The main framework is aluminium and the roof cover systems vary from a simple retractable fabric where the rainwater will fall off the sides of a sloping cover, or, a fully enclosed fabric system where the rainwater is channelled into a built in guttering system directing the water around the framework and down one or several of the supporting legs to drain out at low level.

There are 3 basic types of retractable fabric roof systems for the Gibus Med Room, the Fly, the Plana and the Maki. The differences in the fabric provide different levels of protection depending on their use. Sizes of course will also determine one against another as the strength of each fabric is different too. The fabrics are either retracted in the roof in a concertina or folding fashion, which again has two further options and each of the fabric roof systems when fully retracted and open will end up protected underneath an aluminium fixed section to protect from the elements.

Finished colours and a vast range of fabric finishes are offered to ensure the room will compliment any exiting colour schemes.

All the Med Room systems are made to order, and in principle can be any size as the units will be coupled together once over a certain size to create a larger ‘coupled’ unit and then another, and so on to cover vast areas if required. The retractable roof is always electrically operated and then most users will prefer a remote control device for operation with options on the number of radio channels to control more than one ‘field’ when there are several units along with optional lighting and heating if required.
The use of electric operation means far greater tension can be applied within the tensioned pulley system used and this ensures the fabric roof cover is a taught as possible when closed.

All open sides of the Med Room can be fitted with various options for encclosure, these usually being vertical fabric or ‘crystal’ clear blinds or sliding glass doors to help control the inside of the room in all weathers. When the roof is sloping then a ‘trapezium’ infill section will always be required to square off the top at the sides in order to enable the installation of one of the retractable options. Fixed options are also available if access is not required.

The Med Room provides easy extra outdoor living or entertaining space which can be used all year round (most models) and is a fabulous space to use in the more unpredictable weeks during Spring and Autumn in the UK. You start an outdoor party or barbeque and the clouds come in during the day, no problem just close in some or all of the room to protect against the wind and rain and carry on.

Another fabulous product to compliment the Med Room range is the Med Twist. Using the same aluminium framework structure and options of the Med Room this is a system offering aluminium fins covering the roof all of which will turn through 130 degrees of movement to open up to the sky and also provide shade when tilted using the electric remote controlled motor drive system. Again this system has the options of internal lighting and heating and infills to the sides and front as required.

Take a look at any of the various models or download the colour brochures online now to start planning your new outdoor life!

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How can I order? Our approach

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