Gibus Med Zenit & Azimut

Brand new for the summer of 2018, Gibus have developed two brand new fabric roof systems, the Med Zenit and the Med Azimut.

The names of both of these systems are based upon different angular measurements of spheres. This is a hint as to the key innovation of the Med Zenit and Azimut, as opposed to the Med Room system they are based on. Whilst the Med Room has a straight retractable fabric roof, both the Med Zenit and Azimut contain fabric roofs with a slight curve.

This allows for the rainwater to flow to the sides and into the integrated anti-splash guttering which runs around the frame. From there it runs down the guttering in the legs and exits at ground level, meaning no splashing or falling water. The curve is maintained via horizontal beams that stops the roof from losing shape or collecting stagnant water and keeps the correct amount of tension in the fabric.

 Gibus Med Zenit Domestic Application  Gibus Med Azimut Commercial Application

The fabric itself is a PVC fabric, that is both waterproof and resistant to UV rays. This ensures that both the area and any people underneath are protected no matter the weather. You can fully retract the roof via an electronic motor.

The change in roof has major implications for the system’s appearance too. Because the roof is curved, there is no need for a slope like with most other med room systems. This means that the frame on the top is much slimmer, resulting in a more elegant looking profile. This means you can easily use this system with single story buildings.


The systems vary mostly in the ways that you can close the sides. The Zenit can be optionally equipped with zip closure blinds in order to provide you protection from the wind, or for a greater sense of privacy. Meanwhile, the Azimut comes with integrated screens, that provide very stable protection from the elements. both systems can be fitted with glass panels or doors in order to turn the system into a full glassroom and provide truly year round protection.

Lighting and heating is available like on all Gibus systems. Heating is provided via the Gibus Bar Heater, which can provide an almost instant targeted heat by warming you directly. This heater works at either 2000 or 4000 watts. Lighting is possible with a number of options. LED spotlights can be integrated into the fabric roof beams, meanwhile for a real statement you can have LED lighting strips around the frame which can be lit up in any RGB colour. These lights can even be set up to transition between different colours.

Gibus Med Azimut Domestic Application Gibus Med Zenit Commercial Application

For further information on the Gibus Med Zenit and Azimut, please contact our team on 01933 274276.

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