What Options of Fixed Roof Cover Systems and Verandas do you Supply?

We pride ourselves in covering all bases for fixed roof systems – either commercial or domestic we have plenty of options.
All the systems we offer are manufactured primarily from aluminium profile sections and are fitted with the option of either twin, triple or quadruple polycarbonate sheets or an enormous choice of laminated glass sections. Obviously the price varies accordingly and for the glass roof options the weight of glass is far more than polycarbonate and the roof system has to be built accordingly to take the weight and is also tested with a ‘snow load’ consideration to ensure the system will cope during the winter months.

Basic System
Our basic system is the Homestyle and this is a system manufactured from aluminium square sections with a standard twin polycarbonate roof. The system has the potential to go right up to 9 metres wide with a 4 metre projection in standard format and much larger sizes on application. The Homestyle has external rainwater guttering and downpipes and is available in white or dark brown as standard.
The system relies on a suitable wall to fix a back plate to with the support legs fixing into or onto the ground as required.

The Next Step
The next step up from this system is our Piazza which effectively is the same in principal but has larger aluminium sections, a built in rainwater guttering system in the front profile and integrated downpipes in the support legs which are rounded at the front. The whole visual appearance is quite different because of these variations and the colours available are white, brown, green, and dark grey as standard with almost any RAL or BS colour as an additional option.
The Piazza roof sections are triple polycarbonate as standard and you do have the option to have glass sections for a small price uplift.
The glass used can be specified as required, examples such as bronze tinted, coloured or even reflective!

Top of the Range
The top of the range option with the largest range of options comes from our Terrazza system, a fully blown ‘glass veranda’  manufactured at the highest levels of quality in Germany. This system offers a high quality addition to any home with further options to fill the front and sides in with a variation of options to create a ‘glass room’ – a fantastic place to enjoy your own garden whatever the weather.
The Terrazza is made to order in almost every way and has over 47 standard colours for the frame system with integrated guttering and rain pipes. The roof is always glass and the maximum size is a whopping 10.5 metres wide with a 6 metre projection.
The standard format shape is a pent roof but a gable roof is also available as well as options in balcony sections, corner wrap rounds, offset wall shapes and many other shapes to ensure a perfect fit to your home.
The Terrazza like all the other options we offer is primarily a ‘temporary structure’ and can be treated as such for planning but does have the option of lighting, heating, roof awnings to control light and heat and side blinds for privacy and wind protection.
You will see many systems similar to the Terrazza on offer in the UK but we and many of our customer see it as the leading glass veranda and glass room system manufactured to last.

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How can I order? Our approach

For many years we’ve helped our domestic and commercial awning and canopy customers.

How can I order? Our approach

1. Take several pictures of the area where you are looking to create an outdoor space.
2. Send your images with your details.
3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
4. If you have any preferences already, things such as retractable, fixed or both in one system. Don’t worry if you haven’t as we can advise and guide you later if needed. Read more

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