Open Cassette Awnings

With an open cassette awning, there is no casing at all around the retracted awning. The fabric is rolled up and the arms are retracted and it is all totally exposed. Due to this lack of protection the most suitable positions to install an open awning would be under large overhang areas such as soffits or eaves. This will then afford some protection against inclement weather conditions.

There are essentially two reasons that would determine the purchase of an open awning – the first being the need for the extension of the awning to be greater than the width, the second is economy. When the requirement is for the awning extension to be greater than the awning width then the necessary construction renders this awning not able to be cassetted.


Erhardt S The Erhardt S is an open cassette awning designed for balconies or terraces. A minimalist and nimble aesthetic hides the strong and sturdy nature of the S, made by German giant Erhardt Markisen.

An optional rain cover helps to protect the awning against harsher weather, and this makes it an open cassette awning which is far more flexible than many others.

Valances, infrared heaters, wind sensors and remote controls are all available with the Erhardt S.

Markilux 930 The Markilux 930 swing adapts ideally to all conditions. It is small, delicate and elegant, suited for installation under overhanging roofs, where additional protection of cover and mechanics is not required.

An intelligent pivoting mechanism lends it a particularly compact and flat appearance when closed. While when extended, the awning remains horizontal and then pivots into the individually pre-set pitch. The windlock mechanism prevents the awning from flipping up in windy conditions.

Markilux 1300 Basic The Markilux 1300 Basic is robust, reliable, and fulfills all expectations.

With a strong, distinctively shaped arms and a round steel-link-chain ensure a taut cover.

The front profile makes water run off to the sides. And the pitch adjustment makes it easy to define how much sun would be ideal in which angle.

If that is not enough, additional shadeplus finally provides the right amount of shade and privacy.

Markilux 1700 Stretch Filigree, organic, elegant. Because of its sturdy construction even large areas can be easily shaded.

The Markilux Stretch 1700 bionic tendon with extremely high tensile strength guarantees a friction-free and nearly noiseless folding of the arms.

As stretch version the Markilux 1700 offers a larger projection than width. Irregardless of the location – small niche, balcony, narrow patio – the Markilux 1700 will always present the perfect combination of strength and lightness.

Weinor Livona The Weinor Livona is an open cassette awning that contains technology usually present in semi or full cassette awnings, and a design that is unique amongst open cassette awnings.

The winner of multiple design awards, the Livona is a fantastic yet unobtrusive looking awning, from the Valance Plus system to the possibility of side lighting rings that create a warm LED light.

Combine with the Weinor Tempura for the ultimate outdoor awning area, able to illuninate you, and keep you warm, even on cold winter nights.

Weinor Topas The Weinor Topas is an open cassette awning that is at home in most applications and represents fantastic value for money.

A hood is available to act as a rain cover, enabling it to be suitable in more applications than most open cassette awnings. Lighting and heating is available to extend usability, the low-noise Weinor LongLife arm enables use in windier conditions and improves durability.

A huge range of colours and a large maximum size mean the Topas is an excellent choice for many applications.

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