Weinor Vertitex II Vertical Blind

The Weinor Vertitex II is a new vertical blind system that aims to help shade your property from the burning sun and prevent your home from becoming unbearably warm.

With British summers getting warmed and warmer, it’s become more apparent than ever that our homes aren’t built to deal with such heat. After decades of needing to keep warmth in, the hotter weather can make our homes uncomfortably warm causing issues with sleep and dehydration.

Whilst air conditioning is one solution, it is expensive to purchase and install, and also energy consuming to run. A much easier solution is a blind that can help block out the sun and cool down the glass and room inside.

The new Weinor Vertitex II builds upon the success of its predecessor, but with multiple marked improvements.

A small cassette available in square or round shapes mean that this is a subtle verticle awning capable of being fitted in tight spaces. Alongside this, it can also be retrofitted to difficult facade areas such as window niches.

The fabric itself is transparent, letting in enough light to keep the room bright and feeling airy, yet keeping most heat outside and offering enough of a barrier to provide privacy protection.

Not only is the Weinor Vertitex II a great solution for windows, but it can also be used in other areas of the home. It can be used on balconies for instance, or combined with other Weinor products like the Terrazza, Pergotex, or Plaza systems.

Whilst it is highly suitable for domestic situations and properties, it can also be hugely beneficial to commercial applications. For instance, it can be used in hotels as a way to allow guests to protect themselves and their room from the sun or heat, or simply provide privacy. Restaurants, bars and cafe’s can also use them in their outdoor seating areas underneath roof systems such as the Pergotex.


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