Weinor Paravento | Side protection with simple installation

Cost Effective | Flexible | Elegant | Standout

The Paravento creates attractive highlights in combination with a state-of-the-art pattern from the weinor fabric collection. Special function fabrics provide privacy protection and allow an outside view during the day. Therefore, the Paravento is a flexible and elegant alternative to fixed elements such as fences, walls and hedges.

The Weinor Paravento Side Screen stands out as being an attractive low-key form of effective sun shading from Weinor

With the ability to simply disappear into its cassette cover when not in use, the Weinor Paravento retractable side screen can remain a low-key fixture on any building yet still be ready for use by simpling extending the fabric from the pull handle.

The Weinor Paravento side screen provides a high level of sun protection, a warm feeling of closeness and visual security.

Even if you get along with your neighbours, you might still want to enjoy your own private time without curious looks from others. A Weinor Paravento can help to achieve this with it’s solid light-shielding opaque cover which can expand large distances to provide a cool shade and effective cover.

The Paravento sun side screen can be used in a variety of different ways. The most common use for the Weinor Paravento is for use on it’s own attached to the side of a building to offer effective sun and visual protection over garden areas, balconies, veranda’s and more.

Weinor has also facilitated for the Paravento side screen to be integrated into other Weinor products to create the optimum all weather sun shading solution. The Paravento can be used with both the Weinor Terrazza and the Weinor GlassOase, a unique garden glass room.

The Paravento is available with both a seamless cover and a joined cover.

Perfect complement to existing products

It is not only in its function as side protection that the Paravento is an excellent complement to awnings, patio roofs and pergolas. It is also the perfect complement in frame colours and fabric patterns.

Simple installation

Sutible for universal application

The Paravento can easily be fitted to any house wall or patio construction – both sideways or front. It can be mounted simply and quickly due to the corresponding attachments.

Paravento with trapezium shaped fabric

The Paravento with trapezium shaped fabric is the ideal complement to a weinor folding arm awning, for example. As its shape corresponds to the angle of inclination of the awning, it creates a well-protected area with this combination – for additional side protection from inquisitive neighbours, low-lying sun and cool side winds.

For an attractive appearance

When it is retracted, the entire technology is concealed completely in the aluminium cassette of the Paravento.

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How can I order? Our approach

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