What to do in your garden in July?

Summer is approaching, and the summer check lists will make your gardening tasks less onerous and more enjoyable.

Beckly Crowley, a former cutting gardener, has compiled a guide to help you get your garden ready for the sun. ‘’This list is not exhaustive, it will assist you in staying on track’’, he stated, ‘’ June is the ideal month for adding colour blossoms, expanding your outside spaces and making outdoor entertaining easier by combing relaxing areas with eating and drinking places.’’

Here are some suggested gardening tasks in June from Beckly and Landscape urban design as follows:

clear Fallen LeavesCreate glass Mulch Plant Zinnias

1.Tidy up

Begin by doing a general clean-up of your garden. Pick up fallen leaves, begin eliminating undesired weeds, and clean up any other debris left over from the spring season.

2. Mulch glasshouse beds

Create a stunning piece of art out of glass mulch instead of a basic flowerbed. With so many colours to choose from, you can create everything from a sunburst to lovely birds and flowers right within your landscaping.

3. Replant glasshouse beds with zinnias

Zinnias famously hate root disturbance, so straight plant the seed as soon as the evenings are warm in June – July. It will produce the vibrant blooms that will adorn the garden all summer.

4. Create a relaxing area

Outdoor living spaces can deliver a holiday style vibe that indoor can’t match. Thinking about a new awning or parasol then being free from domestic duties or set up a glassroom to spend time together with you family.

Pergola System Umbrellas and Parasols bioclimatic roof Systems

5. Potting on where necessary

To avoid becoming ‘pot-bound,’ plants must be re-potted (when the roots are packed very tightly in the pot). If this happens, the plants will be starved for nutrients, their growth will be stunted, and they will dry out quickly, necessitating frequent watering

6. Install a pergola

A pergola is a simple yet effective technique to provide the sense of an outdoor room and allows complete freedom to the user, whether it is in the shape of a standalone structure within your garden or close to the home as a direct extension of the property. You could take a look some popular and bespoke pergola design here.

7. Water glasshouse and pots

Last but not least, while the warm weather may aid in the growth of the garden, it also has an impact on dry conditions, particularly during heat waves. Watering the soil on a regular basis will help to keep it moist.



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