Make Outdoor Areas Comfortable During the Colder Months With Vertical Zip Blinds

Samson completed a superb installation of electric vertical zip blinds this year at the fantastic Olive Grove Nursery to provide instant protection whenever the weather becomes too windy and rainy.

The outdoor covered area was built to provide a seating area for customers using their superb cafe facilities and like a lot of cafes, restaurants and pubs the outdoor areas more often than not have excellent views and a great ambience created by being half outdoors. The raised timber decked area had a completely open side and this is where Samson Awnings were asked to survey and suggest the best solution for having the option to close up whenever the weather turned nasty.
The best solution was decided to be vertically operating ‘zip’ blinds. The name originates from the fact that the fabric is actually ‘zipped’ into the side channels in order to hold the fabric as tight as possible even when wind is blasting against them. The fabrics can be specified in many forms but are quite often plain in colour. The fabric can also be enhanced or even perforated allowing a certain amount of vision through when closed.
In the case of the Olive Grove it was decided to use actual vision panels in the fabric to allow a complete view through once closed.
Operation is simple with either a wall mounted switch or a choice of various hand held remote controls with different channel enabling control of many blinds from one handset. Of course the blinds can also be stopped at any point and be half open if required.

Blinds open_280_158   Blinds Open2_280_158

The above images show the blinds fully open and completely out of sight.

Blind Closed2_280_158   Blind Closed_280_158

Now the blinds are closing down to prevent colder air entering and trapping warm air inside.

Blind Inside_580

With the zip blinds completely closed the levels of vision are superb but the cold air and wind is prevented from entering the building making it a much nicer place to sit and relax inside most of the year round.

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How can I order? Our approach

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