5 garden and outdoor trends that will be huge in 2023.

5 garden and outdoor trends that will be huge in 2023.

2023 will reveal a few design trends to be on the lookout for in this year, according to House and Garden magazine. Let’s update with Samson Outdoor Living some early inspiration for your garden and outdoor space.

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1. Spa like sanctuaries within your home

As the pandemic reached its peak, our home became our sanctuary, and with it we began to invest much more time, money and effort into our home. Even though it feels like we are returning to pre-pandemic times, our home has become our retreat from the world, with calming interiors, relaxing surroundings, and spa-like qualities. Whether you invest in a luxurious bathtub or install an outdoor shower, it seems that in 2023 your home is still on trend when it comes to your well-being

biossun pergola

biossun pergola

Biossun pergola


Feature: Biossun Pergola spa ideas

2. Sustainable gardening

This is another garden trend for 2023 that has put in appearance before. Sustainable gardening is an ongoing method of limiting our impact on the planet in our outdoor spaces. There are many ways to become more eco friendly in the garden such as non plastic plant pots, natural materials plant feed or peat free compost.

3. Colour is back – bolder than ever

Viva Magenta colour

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Pantone has announced that Viva Magenta will be the colour of 2023. ‘‘It’s a colour that really vibrates with vim and vigour, demonstrating a new signal of strength that we all need for a more optimistic future.” Just simply plant some colourful flowers or choose this shade of the awning if you think about it.

4. Indoor and outdoor become one.

Locals are embracing the indoor-outdoor living lifestyle, attempting to make it as seamless as possible by integrating our homes with the garden or patio area. Frameless retractable glass doors or softer patio furnishings are some examples of how our homes are becoming more easily interchangeable from inside to outside.


5. Key print and pattern: Multi – weight stripes.

According to the Trendbible report, multi weight or ticking stripes explore a more handmade and rustic mood as consumers seek crafted and real-world finishes that provide relief from the slickness of onscreen life. The playful use of bold and balanced colour across outdoor accessories is unquestionably at the forefront of garden and outdoor trenStripe patterns awnings









Feature:  Erhardt KD with Vario Valane

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