Weinor Zenara – The Latest in Designer Patio Awnings

Weinor launch the Zenara awning in 2013.  A patio awning unlike any other. Stylish and sleek and even when closed.

Zenara close up_500 wide

The sleek new weinor Zenara is the ultimate accessory for any house, old or new. The simple, modern design gives a seamless look, as it only requires two wall connections – even in sizes up to 6.5 metres wide – due to the innovative technology used to design the Zenara. The sturdy cassette uses the same wire tension technology that is used in bridge construction, so there is no compromise on aesthetics when you need to cover a large area.

The energy-efficient LED lighting system built into the underside of the cassette gives an attractive, warm glow so you can enjoy your outdoor space during the evening too, with a life of more than 30, 000 hours. You can use the lighting system whether the awning is retracted or not, and set the mood with WeiTronic technology, giving you the option to dim the lights to any level.

As usual for any of the Weinor awnings the unit is made to order for a perfect fit onto your home with a standard choice of 49 finished colours for the actual cassette housing and all the arms internally.

Zenara fully open at night