Markilux 1500

This product has been discontinued – Please consider our other Markilux products

The Markilux 1500 is a very strong semi-cassette folding arm awning with gas piston operating features.
Renowned for their proven technology, Markilux produce the 1500 for strength, sturdiness and representing excellent value for money.

It is an ideal awning to provide a sturdy cover even when not fully extended as the gas pistons hold the arms firm in any position unlike other awnings which are ideally fully extended for the best stability.


This patio awning is visually similar to the Markilux 1600, Markilux 1650.

The awning cover is tightly held by uniquely designed arms using the latest awning technology including an extremely twist-resistant 50mm steel torque bar. This awning also consists of a roller with a mighty 85mm diameter offering optimum strength.

The Markilux 1500 is an award winning awning distinguished with the iF Product Design Award. The practical aluminium moving arm segment of the awning closes together with the attractive top gutter of the semi-cassette to top off a visually and physically impressive sun shading product.

In line with its fine awning technology, the top gutter is equipped with a brush component which cleans the awning cover during the retraction process meaning this awning is very low maintenance and easy to clean; perfect for those with hectic lifestyles, a shortage of time or simply for those who prefer one less job to do around the house.

A special mechanism is included to ensure the top gutter is adjusted to the awning incline so that no gaps or overlays are incurred. A wall mounting profile is available on request to further provide a visually beautiful awning and cassette.

The Markilux 1500 is available in widths upto 6.6m or with a maximum projection of 3.5m. Systems that are required to be exceptionally wide  are provided with a rolltex system to prevent the awning from drooping.

The entire Markilux selection of covers is available for selection. This can be viewed here. as a PDF downloaded file.

The Markilux 1500 awning is available with electric operation with a remote control as an optional extra, however it comes manual as standard with a hand crank to operate the awning attachable to an eyelet specified to either the left or right hand side of the cassette housing.


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