Hotel de la Ville Gibus Med Zenit Installation

This is an example of a fantastic commercial Gibus Med Zenit installation.

Hotel de la Ville is a popular modern hotel in Central-Southern Italy, that is especially popular amongst commercial guests. It is known as one of the most popular conference centres in the local area, and because of this, the hotel wanted to turn their outside space into somewhere that could be used all year round.

They decided they wanted stand alone fabric roof systems, for their ability to protect from both scorching heat and rain, as well as open up when appropriate. After deliberation, the new Gibus Med Zenit system was chosen.

Alongside the similar Med Azimut, the Gibus Med Zenit takes the world-beating idea of the Med Room system, and improves on it both aesthetically and technically. The main difference is a curved fabric roof, as opposed to the Med room’s flat but sloped roof. This enables the system’s aluminium frame to have a much smaller top profile, as the lack of slope on the roof means less height is needed. This not only makes the system look sleeker, but also makes it look far better when used with single story buildings.

The curved roof is made of a PVC fabric that is both waterproof and highly UV resistant, protecting the area below and its inhabitants from rain, hail, and even scorching sun. The fabric’s shape is kept via horizontal beams that run along it, and this allows the fabric to keep it’s shape, directing water down the sides and into the anti-splash guttering, which runs around the frame and down the legs, allowing water to exit at ground level. 

LED strip lighting was chosen to run around the frame, and they used the almost limitless RGB colours to create a truly stunning area for relaxation and socialisation later at night.

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