What is a ‘Glasoase’?

Glasoase is a Weinor product and brand reference and also a German reference to a ‘glass oasis’ or ‘glass room’ as we are calling it in the UK. It is a glass and aluminium structure totally bespoke in size and specification and a fantastic place to be all year round.
The Glasoase is the reference used by Weinor, a leading German manufacturer of patio awnings, retractable roof systems and their flagship product the glass room or ‘winter garden’ as it is called in Europe

A Glasoase starts life as a simpler aluminium framework with glass inserts and is used as a terrace/veranda cover system. This product is called the ‘Terrazza‘ by Weinor and ends up as a Glasoase once the front and side have been filled with any number of various options including folding or sliding glass doors, all of which are frameless to maximise the light in the area covered. All the systems are made to order to exact dimensions and in theory are simply bolted to a building and bolted to the floor requiring no foundations except where the support posts are fitted.

glasoase2-300 high
The glass room or ‘winter garden room’ is big business in Northern Europe and a common misconception and even a big mistake here in the UK is that any glass extension has to be double glazed, insulated and treated as another room in terms of building regulations end permissions.

When you consider a traditional UK conservatory with a South or West facing aspect is potentially unusable in the height of summer as the heat build up is too intense then consider the fact that in the glass room you can simply slide open all the doors and now you have a glass roof with air movement. Take this a stage further and consider the glass room can have an internal or external mounted retractable blind system to control the heat and light of the sun. In the cooler months in the glass room all you need is some sunshine and it truly is an oasis of light and warmth, probably one of the only reasons you want to sit in your garden area anyway. In the darker depths of winter again the glass room is superb in sunshine but when it is dark, cold and rainy you can add some basis halogen heaters to simply take the edge of the cold and you will find the heat is trapped inside as even though the glass is single glazed it is 10-12mm thick and can have clear seals inbetween each section to make the best seal against wind and rain possible bearing in mind this is an outdoor room and can have all the outdoor weather inside without any problem.

All the components in a Weinor Glasoase are of the highest quality aluminium and are designed to be treated the same outside as inside, in other words you could happily hose down inside your glass room if required (assuming your choice of floor internally was suitable)
The Glasoase truly is a product taking the indoors to the outdoors in a seamless and stylish fashion. The room can be almost any shape required and is available up to sizes suiting everyones requirements.

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How can I order? Our approach

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How can I order? Our approach

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