Should my patio awning fabric be cleaned and how?

Yes, like many products keeping the unit clean, expecially the fabric will ensure the very best life span and operation
Special cleaning products are available if required but some sensible use should ensure your awning stays in good working order for a very long time and unlike lower priced steel units or older cheap fabrics all the awnings we sell use the very latest in technology.
Markilux, Weinor, Gibus and others all use fabrics extensively tested to deal with Northern European weather.
See the Markilux extract below for tips on cleaning their special fabrics and others too.

How can I clean awning fabrics traditionally made from acrylic?

Remove dry dust with a soft brush. Remove leaves and similar debris immediately. Small spots should be removed with water and a commercially accepted, preferably liquid, detergent suitable for delicate fabrics (water temperature about 30°C, soapy solution 5%). Rinse well with water until all traces of the detergent have been removed. If possible, retract the awning when it is dry only!

If the awning has to be retracted when wet, extend it again as soon as possible so it can dry. Due to its own weight a certain amount of sag in the cover is possible. This will increase when the cover is wet. This appearance does not impair the function and running of the awning.

The awning cover is equipped with a special impregnation which is reduced with each cleaning process. Commercial tent impregnation can be used for a follow-up impregnation, however it cannot revert the fabric to its factory state.

How does the nano effect work on fabrics?

Markilux awnings are now available with the so-called nano effect. This applies to the fabric collection sunsilk snc and the model variant Lounge for the awning frames. The impact can be explained best by imagining that there are microscopically fine hairs or spikes on the surface of the fabric and frame that prevent that e.g. rainwater or dirt gets in direct contact with the surface. As the hairs have only an extremely small surface at their tip, any deposit is only lightly at the top. The image is e.g. known from skimmers. This also explains why a rain shower can clean the awning from dirt. While it was recommended for conventional awning fabrics to retract the system to prevent the wet dirt from “sticking” to the fabric, we recommend to leave the sunsilk SNC fabric extended during rain – unless there is very strong wind or a storm.

How can I clean Markilux awnings with covers made from sunsilk snc?

Badly soiled covers can be washed off with a water jet (not high pressure). Clean the cover from both sides and leave the awning to dry while it is extended. If required, use a sponge or soft brush with a small amount of detergent suitable for delicate fabrics and use max. 30° C warm water. Avoid strong rubbing. Afterwards clean the cover several times with clean water and leave to dry.

What happens to a wet / moist awning?

Markilux awnings fear neither rain nor dew therefore it does not matter if the cover happens to get wet.

The cover itself is no breeding ground for any growth. However, over time dust and other dirt particles from the air deposit onto the fabric on which fungi (mildew) or moss can develop. This is why the cover should not stay wet for a longer period of time. The best option is to extend the awning for drying immediately after the rain or leave it extended in the first place.

For covers made of sunsilk SNC  we recommend to leave the awning extended during rain so that the water activates the self-cleaning effect. However please ensure that your Markilux is set with a pitch enough if used in the rain to ensure safe drainage of the rainwater (minimum of about 14°). Even these awning covers should not be wound up when wet for too long.


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How can I order? Our approach

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