Should my awning be retracted in strong winds?

Yes of course it should, but what defines a strong wind?

Any retractable awning should be rated to at least wind class 2 (Beaufort 5) and will be safe and withstand winds of 17-23mph providing it is fixed correctly to a suitable structure.
The front profile of an awning may be seen to bounce a little or a lot when the awning is under too much duress from the wind. It is always recommended to upgrade your awning, particularly when over 4 metres wide, to remote control operation and add a modern vibration wind sensor or traditional type wind sensor. These devices can be programmed to a certain speed and when that wind speed is hit the awning will close automatically.
The modern front mounted movement sensors detect when the front section is moving up and down too much and do the same.

Certain models of retractable awnings can withstand higher wind and have a rating to prove it, but if the wind is known to be a problem in the area it is being installed other products would be recommended such as the Markilux Pergola or the Weinor Plaza.
These kind of ‘supported’ retractable fabric awnings can withstand higher wind and also rain better as they are supported at the front by ground fixed aluminium sections. They can also go out further than a retractable awning to give a lot more cover. For an even higher wind rating look to retractable systems using thought fabric covers and integrated strengthening bars, products like the Weinor Pergotex or the Med Isola Fly.

For total peace of mind a fixed terrace cover roof system may be the best solution as these will have ratings for wind, rain and snow!
See our range of Veranda and Canopy systems for examples.

If you select a manual retractable awning, you should always retract it if you are not in attendance at your home. The general rule of thumb is to use common sense rather than specific wind speeds before retracting but left unattended of course this may not happen and damage may occur. Some awnings will definitely be better than others for withstanding winds and the fixings will also be a factor.

How can I order? Our approach

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How can I order? Our approach

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3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
4. If you have any preferences already, things such as retractable, fixed or both in one system. Don’t worry if you haven’t as we can advise and guide you later if needed. Read more

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