Can I install a retractable awning by myself?

Yes, it is perfectly possible, but most of the awnings are very heavy and require a minimum of 2 people for installation and lifting into place. The wall bracket fixtures are one of the most important components to ensure a sound and safe installation and the positioning and fixing of these brackets should be carefully considered.
Extra brackets are frequently used to spread the weight across a wall safely.

There are may of our retractable awnings we would be happy to discuss supplying to you for a self install but will need the right tools, fixings and lifting equipment for most of them so do need some higher levels of DIY expertise and maybe experience of the installation of similar items.
Our range of fixed canopies and verandas are generally easier to install as a DIY purchase but again we stress the fixing of the back wall plate is one of the key elements, as well as the front support posts onto a suitable and sufficiently strong base.

The setting up of any motor drives, controls, lighting and heating of course would need the expertise of an electrician to ensure the correct feed is used and the wiring is safe and tested.