Gibus Retractable Roof and Outdoor Room, Berkshire.

Approx. £ + VAT
1 x Gibus Retractable Roof Canopy

1 x Gibus Outdoor Room

+ Installation

We were invited to provide a retractable roof in the beautiful Victorian walled garden of this venue for garden parties and outdoor entertaining. The Gibus Med isola fly was chosen to provide the correct aesthetic whilst delivering the highest level of weather protection. The result is self-evident.

In addition to the garden Med isola fly, our client required the more sophisticated Med Room on the Terrace area. The purpose was to create an outdoor eating area which could also protect from the elements when necessary. Transparent zipped vertical blinds helped to provide a sheltered environment whilst maintaining the al fresco feeling. The waterproof retractable roof enables protection from the heaviest rainfall when deployed and allows enjoyment of the sun when open. The in-built guttering and drainage system through the legs promotes efficient movement of water whilst being aesthetically invisible.


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