Samson G6 Car Port Installation

Approx. £ + VAT

1 x Samson G6 Glass Veranda System

+ Installation

This installation utilises the ever popular and multi-faceted Samson G6 glass veranda system, and uses it in a unique and interesting way. Whilst commonly used as a patio roof system or the basis for a glass room, this particular Samson G6 has been turned into a functional yet fashionable car port.

As a lean to system, this only required one side of glass panes to be filled in, with the back of the system also backing onto a wall and metal fence. The central glass pane on the side has been removed, and this allows for easy access in and out of the the car.

The glass panes themselves have been lightly tinted green both at the sides and on top. This goes well with the anthracite 7016 colour finish of the frame, to create a modern looking system that looks better than almost any carport on the market.

Guttering at the side of the system ensures that rainwater is safely channelled away inside one of the supporting posts rather than spilling over the side.

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