Samson G6 Installation in Sutton

Approx. £ + VAT

1 x Samson G6 Glass Veranda System

+ Installation

This Samson G6 was installed at a semi-detached domestic property in Sutton, located in South West London.

Samson G6’s are amongst the most popular type of glass roof we supply, and has several notable features. Perhaps the biggest plus point of the G6 is that the glass roof is lighter than other competing models, which not only saves weight, but also helps with stability and keeps costs down.

As the system leans to already existing walls and structures, it requires minimal concrete padding and the higher back section is simply fitted via a wall plate. Guttering is a part of the front profile and directs rainwater down the legs via internal drain pipes, and allows it to exit at ground level, reducing splashing.

The standard system is in a white powder coat finish as seen here, but the option for any BS or RAL colour is available.

This particular system is notable for it’s inclusion of down pipes into the design as seen below, using cut outs to ensure that the system is not compromised in any way.

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