Why use Samson Awnings?

Samson Only Supply and Install Superior Products
Samson Awnings are particular in their choice of products to promote, distribute and install. Whilst there is an absolute abundance of manufacturers mass-producing low price mediocre quality products, there are few companies in this market that specialise purely in the production of superior merchandise that is built to last.

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Samson’s Surveyors are Professional and Knowledgeable
Samson would say their ability to employ lateral thinking and tenacity to be able to satisfy a customer’s individual wishes is a major factor. It is very tempting for any company to stick to the safe options without striving to deliver what a customer truly desires. Now more than ever before, we all meet the culture of glibly being told ‘sorry we don’t do that’ by so many national companies. Samson will never say that unless they have really explored every possibility, liaising with their technical engineers and manufacturers to find solutions.

What distinguishes a Samson Surveying Consultant from most others?
Samson Surveying Consultants also retain an interest in the installation until completion, and until they have the knowledge that their customer is totally happy. Again, unlike many national companies, they do not simply ‘make the sale and move on’!

Samson Have Showrooms That You Can Visit
Both the head office based in Wellingborough and the South Midlands showroom at Warwick offer a warm and convivial welcome. At the Wellingborough showroom there is an especially wide range of models that very clearly demonstrate the different options and varying systems. At both showrooms, customers can take as long as they require and ask as many questions as they wish to very well informed staff. Both showrooms are open Monday to Friday, and the Wellingborough head office is also open on Saturday.

Samson Employ Their Own Trained Engineers
Samson only use directly employed highly trained engineers. Engineers will not leave site until the customer is happy with their installation, and totally understand the workings of the products installed. Customers enjoy the comforting factor that the installations are all guaranteed by Samson against faulty workmanship.

Quite simply there are a number of reasons to use Samson – maybe the biggest one is that Samson cares.

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Markilux, based in Germany, is the award winning market-leading producer of the highest quality awnings. Markilux enjoys the unique status of being the only manufacturer of awnings that actually owns their own weaving mill, and all of the fabrics used across the whole range are produced from this mill.  Typically of German engineering, stringent quality control is practised, ensuring all merchandise produced is of the highest quality. There are around 30 subsidiaries worldwide; the British one being located in Chester. Markilux products cannot be purchased directly, and are only available through approved distributors such as Samson Awnings.

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Weinor Logo

Weinor have been in operation for over 50 years. They have gained a solid reputation within the awning market for their modern production methods, favourable pricing and high quality innovative products. Hiring just 160 people to work in their headquarters in Cologne-Ossendorf, Weinor still produce high grade products whilst maintaining excellent service for the most discerning of customers.

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Winsol, created in 1876, employs over 600 staff at locations throughout Belgium, France, and Ireland, with manufacturing plants, showrooms, and offices occupying more than 1,000,000ft². The growth has demonstrated strength of branding and product reputation. Winsol UK, now in its ninth year vies for the position of the premier awning supplier in the UK.  With state of the art machinery, the products produced at this factory are of the same high quality of those produced in the other parts of the continent.

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Poggesi Logo

Ombrellificio Poggesi, founded in the 1960s, originally manufactured umbrellas as rain shelters. Reflecting the cultural and economical changes taking place in Italy whereby the local market was the real shopping centre, production changed to major on market stall umbrellas. The next logical step was the garden umbrella with the timber centre pole and cotton canopy. From then on Ombrellificio Poggesi have developed their products to cater for the garden becoming part of the living area hence products such as the technically brilliant side arm umbrellas.

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The Paraflex is developed by family business Alverin NV and  has a medium sized undertaking, with headquarters situated in south of the province of West Flanders, Belgium. Alverin NV actually specialise in the processing of aluminium sections. Moving into the production of fabric coverings such as tents, they continued to invest in product development until 1998 when they launched a highly innovative new system designed for the fastening of parasols to walls that they called Paraflex. The rest, as they say, is history. Paraflex has become one of the leading products in the field of parasols.

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