Weinor Zenara/ Zenara LED

The award winning Weinor Zenara & Zenara LED is a patio awning like no other and is the ultimate accessory for any house old or new. The sleek and modern design gives it a stylish appearance and it sits seamlessly on the wall as it only requires two wall connections, even for the largest 6.5 metre sizes. The sturdy cassette uses the same wire construction that is used in bridge construction, so there is no compromise on aesthetics when you need to cover a large area.

Zenara Awards

To add to its streamlined look, every technical component has been incorporated into the casing of the awning. this means that all of the electronics have been tucked away into the cassette and the screws and cover caps concealed, leaving you with a clean and stylish awning.

The Zenara is not only impressive in design, but can withstand quite adverse weather conditions, although we do recommend retracting your awning in high winds and rain.  The awning can be set between a 5 degree and 40 degree pitch and all mechanical and fabric parts are hidden when the awning is closed, protecting it all year round and preserving the life of your awnings.

Features of the Zenara/Zenara LED

All of the technical components are concealed in the housing to save space. The appeal of the low-noise Weinor LongLife arm is its very high tension force – even in gusty conditions. This ensures the fabric is exceptionally well positioned. The pleasant warm white light that comes with the Zenara LED gives you endless hours of joy well into the evening.

Heating systems

Available with a device named the Tempura, offer a refreshingly warm feeling, brings your patio space alive and makes it an extremely pleasant place to be – even in the summer!

The radiated heat covers a relatively large area and the housing can be adjusted in direction to allow for directional heat.

Weather sensors

The BiConnect series remote sensors automatically act as a sun wind and rain sensors depending on your needs.

They detect whether the sun is shining bright, whether its too windy or whether its raining and operate the awning accordingly. This way, they offer suitable protection whilst you are out of the home.


The Weinor Zenara/Zenara LED is available up to a maximum width of 6.5m with a projection of up to 4m. The size of the cassette casing is 26.5cm x 16cm excluding the use of brackets.


The Weinor Zenara/ Zenara LED comes with electronic operation as standard with one motor and can optionally be controlled with the pre-programmed BeEasy remote control.

A crank drive on the awning is optional.


Materials, Covers & Colours

The Weinor Zenara/Zenara LED is available with a large selection of fabrics from the Weinor range

The Weinor Zenara/Zenara LED is available in a large array of colours including the 47 standard RAL colours, other RAL colours (at a 10% surcharge), 8 trendy conservatory colours (at a 5% surcharge) and other structure colours (for an additional 15% surcharge).

Product Details

Max. Width: 6.5m Max. Projection: 4m Motor Drive: Standard
Tilt Adjustment: 5º – 40º Mounting: Wall, Ceiling or Rafter attachment possible. 
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How can I order? Our approach

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