Weinor Plaza Pro

Create a cosy space in almost any size terrace with our textile weather roof. The Weinor Plaza Pro is the perfect way to shelter from the sun, wind and rain. The sturdy structure is made from proven engineered products and is ideal for an array of applications.


Our textile and extendable weather protection system for professional users goes by the name Weinor Plaza Pro. When tilted at a 14° angle or greater, the Weinor Plaza Pro can stay open even during rainy periods. The curve in the overhang and the rain channelling system ensure that water drains off in a controlled manner. What’s more, the unit can be added onto as required to close in the front and sides even more as required providing the perfect closed area for comfort in the ever changeable UK weather.

Vertical blinds, lighting, patio heating and even side elements that create new spaces – all these options are possible. As a result, large patios in particular – such as those in pubs, cafes and restaurants can each be given their own individual design and provide extra valuable space for increasingly valuable customers where they may normally leave due to lack of space.


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