Free Colour Upgrade!

Designed and made in Britain, the Vortex Umbrella is a perfect solution for your commercial property as it is engineered to withstand strong winds and rain, both factors in the temperamental British climate.

We are offering you a free colour upgrade when you purchase a Vortex Umbrella!

These highly durable parasols are designed for all year round shade and shelter and are strong enough to be left open, yet easy enough to be closed if required.

The vortex comes in two standard sizes; 2.8m square and 4.2m square, depending on the size of your terrace. The frame is made of precision engineered stainless steel for strength and durability.

The Vortex can be installed virtually anywhere, in an In Ground base, a deck mount or a free standing base.

There are many options to make your Vortex Umbrella as unique as your property, from heating and lighting to side sheets and guttering, the Vortex can be adapted to create all year round comfort.

Free Colour Upgrade!

With 40 colours available, Vortex can be specified to create an eye-catching splash of colour, complement an existing theme or blend into the background. Ferrari 502 PVC is durable and long lasting. It is easy to clean and carries a 5 year limited warranty to ensure years of dependable service.

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