Markilux 869

The Markilux 869 is a unique vertical cassette blind which can reach astonishing sizes of upto 6m x 6m


Markilux 869 vertical cassette orange blinds

This latest innovative vertical cassette blind model from Markilux is designed to remain tensioned whilst covering very large widths and drops.

Held in place by strong, aluminium guide rails the Markilux 869 is constructed to prvoide maximum control of your shade solution for larger areas.

Ideal for use within windows, the Markilux 869 vertical blind system provides a high level of sun shade when in use. When not required, it simply retracts back into its cassette which offers it full protection against the weather and remains largely out of sight. With the cassette cover measuring at an incredible 13cm in height, it can offer unobstructed vision through the window when fully retracted.

This effective blind set can be operated manually or automatically with the addition of an electric motor. An electric motor can help to provide quick, easy and relaxing operation with the use of an easy-to-use handheld remote control system.

Markilux 869 yellow image


  • Beautifully crafted teardrop-shaped aluminium cassette is only 130mm in height
  • Small rounded profiles help to make these vertical cassette blinds discreet and unobtrusive
  • When theis vertical cassette blind is retracted, it is completed protected from the weather inside its cassette casing which fully encases it
  • It acts as a stand-off blind fixture. This embellishes the building further


  • Special belts ensure optimum cover tension when the awning is completely extended
  • The awning cover is precisely guided by strong, aluminium guide tracks
  • The roller tube ensures the highest rigidity and best cover winding characteristics are achieved at the largest sizes
  • Width & Height upto 6m
  • Vertical Cassette Blind comes completely pre-assembled


The Markilux 869 vertical cassette blind comes with manual operation as standard however can be upgraded to electric operation on request. When automatically powered by electricity, the Markilux 869 operates using a hard-wired motor drive with automatic controls available on request for a simple, easy, relaxing operation.


  • Awning covers with self-cleaning effect. Awning covers made of:
    – Acrylic
    – Sunsilk SNC
  • Sun, Wind & Rain sensor available to automatically detect changes in weather and operate blinds accordingly
  • Radio-controlled motor with radio remote control for ease of use
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