Markilux 8000 Curved

The Markilux 8000 is also available with a curved front to provide full frontal protection to conservatories with multiple glazed faces. It can reach an optimum curve of 85° and is recommended for exterior installation due to its sturdy, durable nature.

Markilux 8000 installed on angled skylight

Markilux 8000 installed on angled skylight

The Markilux 8000 with a curved front offers the perfect round-the-corner solution to curved conservatories or glazed panels with multiple angles. Each awning is purpose built ensuring the curve fits the conservatory precisely. Furthermore the awning housing is very robust and self-supporting and comes with maintenance-friendly service covers.

This awning copes exceptionally well when pitched against the heat of the sun, and offers endurance in light rain and wind speeds up to 30mph. When retracted into it’s cassette housing, the awning is protected from the weather as the housing completely seals and protects it. The guide tracks are bent using a special manufacturing process; this makes them sturdier than split tracks – the front profile has an unobstructed run around the curve to offer exceptional protection.


The fixtures carry your Markilux awning and is particularly strong – this allows for the curve whilst retaining its structural integrity. Awnings up to an area of 36m² are available as a single unit, however units from a width of 650cm or wider will be coupled and will have a central guide to facilitate installation. The system is pre-assembled and easy to install.

Markilux 8000 Curved Awning on an exterior wooden conservatory

Markilux 8000 Curved Awning on an exterior wooden conservatory


Markilux awning covers made from either acrylic or sunsilk snc fabrics. Perfotex – which uses a unique wind and water permeable open weaving technique – can be especially recommended. This awning is available with any cover from the Markilux collection.

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Construction & Design:

This awning offers and does everything that makes the Markilux so special. The awning cover is guided around the curve by relieving rollers. Relieving rollers offers additional support to the awning so it doesn’t tear when curved. Different numbers of rollers are required depending on the angle of curvature required:

  • Angle up to 30° requires 1 relieving roller.
  • Angle between 31°-60° requires 2 relieving rollers.
  • Angle between 61°-85° requires 3 relieving rollers.

The Markilux is able to have 2 angles in the guide rail to allow for diagonal sections of conservatories to meet your needs.


The maximum extension for this awning is 7m (up to a maximum width of 5m). The guide track can extend 100cm past the final bracket whilst retaining its core strength attrributes.


Electric operation is provided as standard. In the event of more than one field being installed, multiple motors can be installed if necessary (both with individual operation).


Two gas piston modules maintain the perfect tension on the Markilux 8000 cover. Coupled with an extremely robust front profile, sagging is minimised in both the cover and the profile.

Special Features:

Due to its own weight, a certain amount of sag within the cover is possible from time to time when the cover is wet. For this reason, a cover support tube is provided with larger units. We also recommend cover support tubes to be used if the awning is installed at a slight angle.

Frame Colours:

Traffic White - RAL 9016 Metallic Aluminium - RAL 9006 Grey Brown - RAL 8019
Traffic White
(RAL 9016)
Metallic Aluminium
(RAL 9006)
Grey Brown
(RAL 8019)
Optional Extras:

This Markilux conservatory awning comes manually operated as standard with no heating. Available as additional extras are the following:

  • Wall sealing profile to cover the gap between the awning and the wall.
  • Radio-controlled motor with remote control for comfortable operation. Markilux remote control with ergonomic design.
  • Markilux infra-red heater in a compact, aluminium housing. Cozy warmth without any heating up phase within an area of 9-12m².
  • Available in any RAL colour.
  • An easily installed, radio control sun and wind sensor guarentees comfort and a degree of protection – even in your absence!

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How can I order? Our approach

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