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Markilux-Wide-AwningI remember when we first started selling and installing awnings many years ago most friends would make the same kind of comments when I mentioned the addition to our range of products: ‘What those things you see on the butchers shop?’ ‘No, you haven’t seen what awnings are like these days!’ I would reply and in some ways it would be difficult to actually back up this comment without having a Markilux awning section at hand to show. The difference is very clear when you do actually see a Markilux awning.

The style of the cassette, the obvious high quality components and the beautiful, modern fabric colours. The combination of high end German engineering and style is a powerful statement clearly seen in the Markilux range of products. Markilux are one of the largest manufacturers of sun shading products in the world including retractable awnings, vertical blinds, conservatory awnings and large commercial terrace cover solutions for sun and rain protection.

When you see any of the Markilux patio awnings and blinds for the first time the quality is clear and one of the main features Markilux take extremely seriously is the design, shape and colours of their awning cassettes to help integrate their products into buildings of all styles. All components are carefully engineered for optimum strength as well as visual appearance. With modern fabric technology and materials Markilux also push the boundaries for making an awning a complete product in terms of providing the homeowner with the best features and controls to fit in with the requirements of the home.

Features such as automatic retraction in bad weather, automatic opening in hot weather, automatic drop down front valances for privacy and draught protection, gable shaped front sections to deflect rainwater to the sides, the list goes on and each Markilux can be specified down to the finest detail providing a worthy long term investment for your home, not just for a bit of shade on the hottest of days in the summer.

If you are going to invest in an outdoor shading system of any kind you should seriously consider Markilux as one of the options as your money would most certainly be wisely spent. Excellent engineering with long guarantees and reliability are certainly top requirements for a product that is to be subjected to the UK weather. Markilux after all are a company with their origins in Northern Europe, a part of the world with very similar weather patterns to our own. These are not just products for dealing with light breezes, sunshine and a dry atmosphere, they have been tested in harsh climates to withstand wind , rain and the damaging effects of the sun.

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Cover Fabrics
Markilux are one of the more unique awning manufacturers in that they produce their own high quality fabrics for all their products. Markilux offer 2 main types of fabric, the ever popular acrylic fabric and their own unique ‘sunsilk’ material. The popular acrylic fabric, spinneret-dyed, is the most widely used fabric in Europe and the Markilux range is excellent in its choice of traditional and up to date modern colour ranges. The Sunsilk SNC (super nano clean) combines a new lightness with superb sun protection characteristics. Sunsilk fabric is rot proof with more brilliant colour properties and higher tensile strength and is extremely dirt, grease and water repellent due to the silky, high tech fibres used and the range of colours are definitely the most vibrant of all the fabrics available.

Markilux also offer fabrics for commercial specifications such as the Perla FR (fire retardant), transilk and transolair, used for large valances and side screens, etc.

Electric Motor and Controls
Markilux manufacture the majority of their retractable awnings using the world leading Somfy electric motor and control systems. The reliability of these units is outstanding and range of controls more than enough to cater for the most demanding of household requirements or diversity of commercial applications.

Remote control radio transmitters, wind, sun and rain sensors, timers, keypads, thermostatic controls and many other devices make up the range of Somfy devices capable of ensuring the sun or rain protection is not only used when required automatically but is also safely retracted when the conditions are potentially damaging.

See some of the fantastic Markilux awnings on display at either our Wellingborough showroom and invest in the best for your home.

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