Erhardt T100 & T150 Verandas

The Erhardt T100 & T150 are sister systems from Erhardt Markisen, a market leading German company who specialise in verandas, glassrooms and awnings. 30 years of experience help ensure both the T100 and T150 are hugely reliable and massively visually impressive.

The Erhardt T100 & T150 terrace roof systems help you to truly transform your outside space, and forms a transition between the outside and the inside. Not only this, but they are without doubt the best way to ensure all-year round protection, with verandas and glassrooms able to provide protection during sun, wind, rain and snow.

These systems are growing in popularity due to their flexibility, with glass panels and doors able to be added at any time. The systems can be used domestically and commercially, with restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, schools and more all joining homes in utilising these systems.


The frames for the Erhardt T100 & T150 are made from high quality aluminium, resulting in a very sturdy and reliable framework. The glass panels and doors can slide to the side, and there are minimal supporting posts, ensuring a fantastic and unobstructed view. This is achieved via the use of cross-section supporting elements.

As a result of all of this, the external appearance appears delicate and minimalist, yet despite this it is very strong and durable. The framework comes in three colours as standard, white, grey and anthracite, but any RAL colour is available as an optional extra.

Awnings can also be added to these systems, in order to provide shading as well as shelter, and this helps turn this into the ultimate solution for the modern British climate where we have burning Summers and rainy Autumns.

LED lighting and infra red heaters are also available to help you make the most of your time using the system, and extend it’s usability well into the evening and even in colder months.

Erhardt Glassroom Glassroom extension
Glass veranda Veranda with awning
Erhardt Glassroom and veranda Erhardt T100 & T150