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Glass outdoor room with underglass electric awning and sliding glass doors.

An absolute classic glass outdoor room, utilising sliding glass doors on 3 sides and providing a very high quality space for entertaining and relaxing most of the year round with sun protection from the retractable underglass blind when required and full air flow from opening the doors fully.

This glass room, installed in London by Samson Outdoor Living, demonstrates a very popular size, but also one of the best specifications in terms of the sliding glass doors all round and the electric built in retractable roof awning for sun protection when required.

So many people think a glass room might be a problem in the summer and they will fry inside, but this simply isn’t the case because with every glass room we design the sides are always able to be opened fully to allow full air circulation. The glass roof above your head doesn’t amplify the sun or heat, in fact is filters out most of the harmful UV rays.

What you do with a glass veranda or room is define an outdoor space and create somewhere to spend a lot more time when at home. With some simple thought you can have a glass veranda canopy with various options for the open sides to be closed up when required but as in this example also have a built in underglass retractable awning. This electric awning will give you full control of the sunlight and heat in the hotter summer months.

This particular glass room is approximately 5m wide and 3.7m deep and being a wall mounted system, it has the fixed glass trapezium sections above the sliding glass doors and is the more recent ‘Sempra’ model with the cleaner roof bar design and only 2 front posts for the cleanest aesthetics and practical operation.

The highest quality and strongest aluminium framework provide complete peace of mind in terms of integrity, with high standard snow load levels, but also longevity, especially with the enhanced textured paintwork finish, designed to resist scratching and fading over the years.

The glass sliding doors and the roof glass is all 10mm and safety specified clear glazing.

The sliding glass doors are almost 1 metre wide each and sliding to one side and to the rear at either side.

Rainwater is collected in the built in gutter on the front profile and directed down the front posts to low level where it is projected out and away from the room area.

This outdoor room will be used for more than can be imagined throughout the year and when it rains it is a delight to sit outside and simply listen and watch the rain falling in.

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