Weinor Terrazza Roof in Camberley


1 x Weinor Terrazza Glassroom (3m x 5.5m)

+ Installation

This couple in Camberley, Surrey, wanted a new glass roof system in order to provide a sheltered area on their patio that they could use no matter the weather. The Weinor Terrazza system was chosen for multiple reasons.

Made of glass and aluminium, the Terrazza is a year round protection system with the ability to look at home in both domestic and commercial settings. With high levels of durability, this system is able to stay standing during strong winds, heavy rain and even light snow.

Finished in a fantastic chestnut colour, this system looks sleek and modern, and eye catching, without looking out of place against it’s domestic background. Rainwater is of course chanelled away down the guttering at the front, via internal drainage inside one of the supporting legs.

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