Weinor Terrazza Installation in Nottingham


Approx. £ + VAT
1 x Weinor Terrazza 


This domestic Terrazza installation at a property in Nottingham is an excellent example of one of our products working in a confined space, and really standing out visually.

The Weinor Terrazza was the system chosen, and it is a perfect match for the needs of the property. The Terrazza is a glass and aluminium roof structure built with all year round patio protection in mind.

This particular Terrazza was finished off in a fantastic looking green, which gives the system an elegant finish as well as making it look at home in this particular garden.

An awning is also planned to be added to this installation, and due to the modular nature, will be added at a later date. This will add sun protection, as well as shelter from the rain and will turn this into a truly all year round system that will help the family get the most from their outside space.

This is particularly important in the UK climate, where the weather is renowned for being variable and dramatically changeable. This way, the family can relax in the sun and rain, knowing their enjoyment of their garden will not be spoilt in any way.

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