Weinor Terrazza Glassroom

Approx. £ 12,500 + VAT

1 x Weinor Terrazza Glassroom (5m x 3m)

+ 2 sets of Sliding Glass

+ Installation

A glassroom can transform a garden, and that’s exactly what happened here.

Samson Awnings proudly installed this Weinor Terrazza Glassroom, complete with two sets of sliding glass on the front and right elevations.

To install sliding glass on the right side we installed lite trapezium above where the sliding glass was to be installed.

The Weinor Terrazza is fundamentally a glass canopy, however it can be converted into a glassroom with the introduction of glass elements, as is the case with this installation.

A glassroom deftly blends the refreshing light and atmosphere of the outdoors, with the shelter and homeliness of the indoors. This particular glassroom has been furnished with a rug, chairs and tables, making it the perfect place to spend your evenings.

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