Small Polycarbonate Roof Installation in Northamptonshire.

Approx. £ + VAT

1 x P16 Polycarbonate
+ Installation


A household local to us has recently requested a polycarbonate roof system to provide shading to a set of rear patio doors. These of course mean that the system had to elevated to a higher level than usual, but ensure the doors are not impeded in any way.

The system itself was only needed to cover a small area, to provide cover for a  small section of the back garden and also protect the patio doors from making the room too warm in the summer.

The system itself was surface mounted to the wall and finished in a perfect white colour which matches the finish the windows and doors, making the system blend into the property effortlessly.

The Samson P16 polycarbonate roof is the perfect system for these kind of installations. The 16mm structured polycarbonate panels are finished in an opal shading and there is a layer of UV absorber which offers an extra high level of sun protection.

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