Retractable Fabric Roof, Cambridgeshire

Retractable Fabric Roof, Cambridgeshire.

We installed this Markilux Pergola in summer 2015, with the zesty yellow fabric, swimming pool, and stunning backdrops, you might be fooled into thinking this property is somewhere in the South of France, but in fact we installed it to a property in St Ives, Cambridgeshire!

When you think of a swimming pool it’s natural to think of sunshine. They are a hallmark of the summer months, keeping families outdoors and entertained during hot and sunny weather. For more and more pool lovers, grabbing a bit of shade is becoming a priority. Whether it’s a concern over UV exposure, a need to find some respite from the hot midday sun, or simply to avoid sunburn, many pool owners are turning to enhanced shade solutions for their pool areas beyond an umbrella.

Installing a shade structure over or next to a pool can deliver a range of benefits beyond UV protection and relief from the rays. Today’s shade structures can be great aesthetic additions to a garden, giving you a bit of ambiance and style. And with well-structured, large-scale permanent structures, you’ll also be adding value to your home.

This couple contacted us as they wanted to enjoy the sunshine in the pool, but required a comfortable and shady spot to retreat to enjoy conversation, relaxation, and even drinks with family and friends. Due to the timber cladding on the property we decided the perfect solution would be a Markilux Pergola 110 as the self-supporting legs would take a lot of strain off the building.

The fabric used in this installation yellow (Sunvas 31011) and the framework is Anthracite Metallic 5204.

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