Outdoor Room, Northamptonshire.

Approx. £ 16,000 + VAT

1 x Weinor Glasoase

+ Installation

In 2015 we installed this outdoor room to a customers home, as an ideal outdoor dining solution. The customer wanted to create more space for their home, but wanted an alternative to a traditional extension and wanted to create somewhere they could dine whilst enjoying their garden so they contacted us at Samson Awnings.

The Glass Room we installed is 4m x 4m in size and creates a functional outdoor room that can be used all year round.

An all year round solution in your garden increases the time that can be spent ‘outside’ whilst being sheltered from the elements, but also gives you a way to increase the space in your home; Without building a brick extension or a conservatory, in most cases, planning permission is not required.

This installation has sliding glass doors to the front to let the outside in and Weinor Superlite fixed glazing on the sides. The framework is finished in stylish anthracite grey which lends the design a modern aesthetic appeal.

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