Henderson Connellan Estate Agents

Approx. £6000 + VAT
2 x Markilux 1600 Awnings

+ Installation

Taking place at a commercial property in a small market town in Southern Leicestershire, this is a unique looking retail awnings installation that both looks fantastic and shows the excellent practical purposes an awning can do for a business.

This branch of the popular and well known estate agents Henderson Connellan is in Market Harborough. The property was a unique looking building, on the edge of a set of retail facilities on a busy high street, and with two different glass walls that needed protection from the sun in order to provide shade and shelter.

A retractable fabric awning is a fantastic solution to control the intense sunlight and heat, extending the awning to project shade onto the window, cooling the glass and stopping it from heating the room inside. Alongside this, it can also help stop glare.

Henderson and Connellan are an incredibly established brand who are recognisable on high streets up and down the country, in part due to their distinctive branding which sets them apart from their often more bland competitors. The deep green colour is instantly recognisable, and the combination with the gold and white logo and writing. One of the benefits of a Markilux retail awnings is the ability to easily include your branding and this is showcased by the awnings used here, with the logo on the awning easily visible and the writing on the valance.

Not only do the awnings help to provide shade for the workers and guests to the shop, but they also help to extend the shops visibility on the high street and stand out amongst competitors. Alongside this, it also provides shelter for people passing by and looking in the windows.

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