Garden Glass Room.

Approx. £ 14,450 + VAT

1 x Markilux Pergola 210 Retractable Canopy

+ Installation

We installed this unique garden glass room in 2015 as a perfect solution to bringing the living room and kitchen of this customers property together. A corner section on your house or bungalow can be an irritating area with little use, however with a glass room this area becomes embraced and utilised all year round.

The bottom tracking for this installation was cut into the patio slabs and supported by steel box sections underneath to reduce the height of the bottom track but also to form a better rainwater barrier to prevent rain ingress into the room.

The garden glass room was installed with an under glass blind to control the intense heat and midday sun during the summer months.

The size of this glass room is approximately 5m x 4m and the framework is finished in a light ivory powder coat. There are sliding glass doors all the way around this installation so they can be retracted all the way or to one side for maximum air flow.

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