BIO 120

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BIO 120

Don’t be constrained by the weather, redesign your outdoor areas, and live without restrictions.

Play with colour and consider a new way of living with the BIO 120 bioclimatic patio cover. With a modular scope of up to 5.5 m, it is perfect for enclosing your patio (installation against a wall) or establishing private areas in the centre of your garden (standalone installation).

No need to be concerned about the weather while enjoying an optimally ventilated patio because it precisely follows the path of the sun thanks to its swivelling slats that can be turned up to 175°.


With a scope of up to 5.5 m, the BIO 120 pergola creates a private, intimate space. Immerse yourself in a comforting cocoon in your garden or on your patio, spending special times with family and friends, protected from the elements and the weather.


The BIO 120 patio cover can be installed in two different ways: in the middle of your garden for added privacy, or against a wall to shelter your patio and add a designer feel to your home.


The BIO 120 pergola is available in 350 colours, both for the structure and the slats. The white or 8-colour RGB LED lighting is now built into the structure, offering you the possibility of choosing the lighting atmosphere that suits you best to ensure even more enjoyable and convivial evenings under your Biossun bioclimatic pergola. The vertical-descent Zipsun® screens, with sliding glass doors, also satisfy all your desires for modularity.

The BIO 120 bioclimatic cover adapts effortlessly to all uses: it is used as a cover to shelter a patio or terrace, a cover by the pool, or a cocooning-effect cover for spas, amongst other options. It can also be installed in different ways: against a wall, or standalone, blending in with all types of architecture: contemporary, classic and all settings: seaside, mountainous, countryside, urban.


Light ambiance to your taste

– Graphically accentuate the clean lines of your terrace cover with 8-bit RGB colour LED strips.

Screen walls and screen walls with transoms

– Providing an elegant screen and blending seamlessly into your Biossun bioclimatic terrace cover, screen walls maintain the privacy of your terrace.

Zipsun® drop-down awnings

– Let the light through while protecting yourself from the elements with the Zipsun® drop-down awning available in 33 different colours.

Sliding glass panels

– Freely adapt your outdoor space using 10-mm tempered glass panels, fully integrated into the frame for a 360° view of your surroundings.


Who doesn’t dream of being able to enjoy their terrace all year round, 365 days a year?

The bioclimatic pergola offers you this possibility thanks to its adjustable slats which allow you to take full advantage of the weather conditions without worrying about the wind or the insistent sun. Today, let’s recall the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola on a terrace and the usefulness of adding an awning to it.

Biossun bio 120 bioclimatic terrace cover Biossun bio 120 bioclimatic patio Bio 120 Bioclimatic Patio Cover


Having a terrace is always a plus for a property, but we are often forced to move inside the house when it is cold or unbearably hot and we cannot stay outside.

With a bioclimatic pergola, this is history! Equipped with removable slats, you can adjust the sunlight with the possibility of creating ventilation in order to bring a bit of coolness or, in the opposite case, a bit of heat.

You can add accessories to your pergola for automation or create scenarios to personalise your experience.


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How can I order? Our approach

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