Samson G8 Glass Veranda

The Samson G8 is a fantastic glass veranda system that is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, and unlike most other systems it can be used as both a lean-to and self standing system.

Consisting of an aluminium structure, the Samson G8 is a new product for December 2018. It is one of the most flexible glass veranda systems on the market. The glass within the roof itself is 8.8mm thick, and provides a low maintenance solution.

The biggest benefit of this system is it’s ability to be both a lean-to system and a self supporting one. When selected as a free-standing system, there are three different roof profiles available, known as Apex, Mono-pitch and Arched. The systems can of course be joined together to make different sizes and configuration.

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The rainwater guttering is an integral part of the front profile for a neat and clean finish. The support legs act as the drain pipes taking the water from the front profile and out at low level in most cases, other options are possible using a soakaway or existing drainage systems.

Large projections of up to 4m can be achieved with absolutely no maximum length restrictions, and allow large areas to be covered economically and quickly. The universal modular design eliminates all expensive engineering and bespoke fabrication costs associated with steel and tensile fabric structures.