Samson Flat Roof Carport

In a volatile climate it is a nice idea for your car, caravan, boat or other property to be protected from freezing rain, snow, rain and bright sunshine.

An aluminium canopy provides the right protection and extra comfort.

The carports of Samson are made of high quality aluminium and are easy to place, without adjustments to your property.

The canopy with a flat roof is easy to assemble and fits almost any type of home.

Beside the protection for your car, the carport gives your personal and necessary comfort. Bir defecation on your just washed car will be a thing of the past.

Your car will be cooler in the summer and you will no longer need to stand in the rain when you get in or out of it.

Also, it is with just a few adjustments possible to turn is this canopy in a veranda, shed or a combination of these two.

With additional walls, window frames and doors create a carport or seating area with extra storage space

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