Large Discounts on Glass Verandas and Outdoor Rooms

For the Winter period, here at Samson Awnings we are offering a large amount off on all glass verandas or outdoor rooms in order to keep you warm, sheltered and enjoying your time outdoors.

We have a whole range of possible glass roof or room systems that can be used in this offer, including systems from the market leading companies Erhardt Markisen and Weinor. Their high-quality structures are used around the world and are a symbol of reliability and high build quality.

Both the glass verandas and outdoor rooms are modular in design, with frames allowing for glass panels and doors to be installed, and fabric screens also an option to prevent wind from disturbing those underneath.

The combination of a veranda or glass roof with an awning is a a fantastic solution to the changeable British climate. The glass roof protects again rain, hail and snow, whilst the retractable fabric awning will also protect against scorching or bright sun by providing shade when needed.

If the sides of this system are filled in with fabric screens or glass panels or doors, then even wind cannot bother those underneath. If combined with a sun sensor, then the awning can be fully automated to retract and extend with no effort needed.

Weinor Glasoase with awning Overglass awning


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