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Take advantage and invest in one of the world leading outdoor umbrellas for your business.

Designed for today’s demanding environment and engineered to withstand high winds and driving rain over sustained periods of time, these parasols are the ultimate shade and shelter for commercial premises.

From shade in the long summer days, to shelter and warmth on the darkest winter evenings, these umbrellas are engineered to withstand the elements all year round.

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Vortex – The No Compromise Parasol

Vortex Commercial UmbrellasThe only parasol in the UK BS certified to withstand wind speeds in excess of 100km/h. Making the Vortex Parasol the parasol of choice for outdoor areas such as restaurants, hotels, pub gardens, market areas, patios and alfresco dining areas.

Precision engineered in our own facilities in Britain, we retain control over the delivery and the quality of the Vortex parasols. With short lead times and very simple installation, Vortex parasols can be deployed quickly and easily.

With an ever-growing range of installation options and accessories such as heating, lighting, cooling systems, speakers and TVs, Vortex parasols are providing shade and shelter, warmth, cooling and entertainment to customers around the world.

May Albatros – A Classic XXL Parasol

May ALbatros

Especially designed to meet the requirements of outdoor catering, this sunshade concept provides an exclusive atmosphere in large areas. Its clear design is unique and lends its very own unmistakable charm to any outside area.

The Albatros umbrella stand out by virtue of their maintenance free drive and particularly robust construction.

The largest umbrella that May make, the Albatros is designed specifically for service industries and commercial use, with it’s large size allowing for maximum coverage and minimal obstructive poles.

They are available with lights and heaters, allowing you and your customers or guests to enjoy your outdoor space further into the evening and even during the colder months. This makes it an excellent solution when planning to optimise your outdoor space.


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