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SAVE an EXTRA £150 on ALL Markilux Electric Awnings this January!

Samson Awnings are offering an EXTRA £150 off ALL Markilux electric awnings.

Whether you are looking for protection from the sun, rain or wind, or simply looking to add a unique quality to your outdoor space.

Then look no further Samson offer the widest range of Markilux Awnings, from the traditional Markilux 990 to the modern elegant Markilux MX-3 

Markilux Awnings are made using the highest quality materials and offer a broad variety of use; they are extremely weather resistant, robust, versatile.

Just the best quality!


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Samson Awnings has one of the largest displays of working Markilux Awnings within our Wellingborough Showroom.

With our sales team are on hand from Monday to Friday to advise and demonstrate the vast product range and can be available by appointment on a Saturday.

Some of the working awnings on display include the Stunning Markilux 5010, the slim Markilux 1710 and many more…

Be outside? Live outside.

The Markilux Awning Range

Markilux 990

Create a carefree ambience.

The most compact Markilux with folding arms – svelte, attractive and functional.

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Markilux 1710

Slim, compact shading all year round.

The classic torque bar awning with a designer look. The droplet-shaped cover cassette lends to its appearance.

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Markilux 3300

High Impact. Low Maintenance.

Extremely robust, angular cassette, ideally suited for installation in niches and reveals, under overhangs and to business premises.


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Markilux 6000

A designer awning with many faces – each one more beautiful than the next.

A designer cassette awning that is individually modifiable in both colour and specification. The enormous variety of combinations of both the visual and technical aspects makes this awning unique.

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Markilux MX-3

The awning with both elegant curves and clean lines.

If you like shapely curves in combination with a straight­ forward design, you will love the new MX-3 and you can set the tone yourself when it comes to the colour scheme: fully in line with your own preferences, you can achieve minimal architectural impact or be stylishly distinctive.

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Markilux MX-1
The technology of tomorrow.A designer cassette awning that meets the highest architectural requirements. The multitalented all-rounder that provides light, shade and the suggestion of a fixed, weatherproof canopy.Find Out More

Markilux 5010

Enjoy happy hour, 24 hours a day.

Ovally shaped cassette awning in a slender design – extremely robust construction, ideally suited for shading large areas.

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Markilux MX-1 compact

Delivering beautiful protection, any time of year.

Full cassette awning with harmoniously crafted features and a multitude of accessory options that provide both
light and shade.

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Markilux 1300

This is how attractive simple can be.

Robust, reliable, straightforward and fulfils all the basic requirements of a good quality awning.


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Markilux 1700

Open your mind to life outdoors.

The classic torque bar awning with a designer look. Technology laid bare with an award-winning appearance.

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Markilux 1600

Perfect functionality meets award winning design.

The folding-arm awning with exceptional, organic design characteristics and pivoting coverboard ideally suited for shading large areas.

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Markilux 930

Perfect for balconies or eaves.

Finely finished, open style awning with excellent design characteristics. Ideally suited to top fixture or installation under overhanging roofs, balconies etc..

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Markilux 970

Urban chic for a clean, sleek appearance.

Aesthetics and technology perfectly married – the compact cassette awning in a timeless, purist design.

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Offer is only available on Markilux Electric Awnings.

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