30% Off Select Markilux and Weinor Awnings

This Winter, Samson Awnings are helping you to prepare for the coming Spring and Summer months, by offering a massive 30% off on select bespoke awnings from both Markilux and Weinor.

Whilst the weather now may be less than ideal, in just a few months time the sun will reappear and shading will be a vital part of enjoying your time outdoors. For this reason, we are offering a large Winter discounts on awnings from two of the very best manufacturers, allowing you to get ahead of the curve.

All full cassette awnings and retractable pergolas are part of this deal, so contact us now.

Full cassette awnings offer complete protection to the fabric and arms when retracted, and this makes them the ultimate flexible awning system, especially for the changeable British climate.

Both Markilux and Weinor offer some of the best full cassette awnings on the market, from the sleek and stylish Markilux 970 to the effortlessly classy Weinor Semina Life.

Retractacble Roof Systems provide many of the benefits of an awning, however due to the legs and minimalist framework, they also provide a much higher level of stability.

With options like the Markilux Pergola or the Weinor Pergotex, these are systems that are far more suitable in harsher weather conditions, with wind and rain water posing little issue.

For more information on our full cassette awning and retractable pergola prices, please contact us.

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