Case Study: Weinor Smaila Small Cubic Cassette Awnings

Case Study: Weinor Smaila Small Cubic Cassette Awnings

The heat is up and the demand for outdoor shade solutions is increasing. Our team are busy with what they are good at, and we are excited to share one of our recent installations: Weinor Smaila Small Cubic Cassette Awnings. Our customer approached with an awning requirement for their home. And they required the installation of a functional awning to cover their patio area. After discussing, our chosen solution was tailored to meet customer needs for aesthetics and practicality.

Weinor Smaila Awning   Weinor Smaila Awnings  Under the awning


  • Model: Weinor Smaila Small Cubic Cassette Awning
  • Size: 3420mm (width) x 2000mm (projection)
  • Operation: Hand transmitter Situo 5 io II by Weinor
  • Motor: Right Hand Side
  • Sensor: Somfy Vibrabox Wind Sensor
  • Framework Colour: RAL 9007 Metallic with aluminium silver decorative end cap
  • Fabric: P/8-377
  • Additional Features:

▪️ Valance Plus (Length: 1000mm) in Fabric: P/8-377

▪️ Gutter Brackets


Our team conducted a thorough site survey to assess the exact size of two awnings and ensure optimal shade coverage and structural support. The Weinor Smaila awning was securely assembled and mounted using the additional gutter brackets. These brackets were chosen to ensure secure attachment and seamlessly integration with the existing gutter system.

The awning motor was positioned on the right-hand size and the hand transmitter Situo 5 io II was programmed to control the awning, allowing for effortless extension and retraction. In addition, the Somfy Vibrabox Wind Sensor was installed to provide automatic retraction in high wind conditions, protecting the awning from damage.

For this installation, our customer picked fabric P/8-377 to fit the awning, ensuring it was sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The Valance Plus, an additional 1000mm length of fabric in the same pattern, was added to provide extra shade and privacy.


Our installation met all the customer’s expectations with the sleek design, improving the visual appeal of the patio area. The customer expressed high satisfaction with the installation and particularly appreciated the professional team: We couldn’t be happier with the installation that Mickey and Jamie did of our two Awnings a few weeks ago. They were thoroughly professional and pleasant. They kept the area clean and tidy throughout the process, completed the installation in just two or three hours, and cleaned up after themselves. They also took the time to thoroughly explain how to use the devices. We couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

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