Introducing a new Automation System: The Somfy Connexoon

The new Somfy Connexoon Window RTS app is a brand new way to control your awning, as well as blinds and other things within the home.

With the Connexoon, you are in complete control of multiple aspects of your home, all able to be powered via an app from your smart phone, making it easier than ever.

Remote access makes everything easier. Not only can you control things at the touch of your phone, you can also set timers. Blinds can go up at a set time every morning to help you wake up naturally for work, and lights can come on timed for when you get back in the evening.

Another benefit of this is the ability to simulate a presence when you aren’t at home, perhaps on holiday or more. The ability to time lights or blinds means it can always appear someone is at home, making break ins less likely.

You can also set up “scenarios”, as well as using preset ones, such as “evening ambience”, which closes the curtains and blinds, and turns on the living room lights.

Anything operated by a Somfy motor can be connected to the connexoon through the use of a small window RTS box. To automate your home, all you need to do is speak to a Somfy installer, who can help you take the first step into easier, futuristic living.

With over 270 million customers, Somfy are a name you can trust, with experience at automating awnings and more.