New Fabrics from Markilux

Markilux announce the arrival of the Sunvas material range

Markilux introduce for 2013 a brand new fabric range with the innovative Sunvas, (replacing Acryl) together with the ever popular Visutex and Sunsilk material ranges. Sunvas has the visual appearance of the Acryl fabric with the advantages of being more self cleaning like Sunsilk, but more tactile.

The colour range is extensive and the subtle shades in the plain fabrics are extraordinary, with some incredible brights, including pinks and purples. There is a new range of high tech Vuscreen for vertical shading to go alongside all the other special fabrics Markilux produce for various applications.

Markilux continue to be the most innovative with fabrics and this is why many people prefer their awnings and products.
Not only are the patio awnings and terrace cover systems of the very highest quality in construction but the fabrics are ahead of their time. The colours are more vibrant than others and they are also better wearing in the UK weather.
As Markilux manufacturer all their own fabrics in Germany they are more interested in making sure they are the best on the market.

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